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  • MyCar

    The MyCar combines innovative, appealing and fun design with class-leading features to create an electric car experience unlike any other. The MyCar offers world-class performance at an affordable price.

    Exterior Paint Colors
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Award-winning European Styling

Award Winning

MyCar was originally designed by the renowned European automobile designer Georgetto Giugiaro, and immediately won the European Green Fleet Award. GreenTech Automotive continued to innovate on the platform by collaborating with American racecar maker Panoz Automotive, British sports car maker Lotus Engineering, and a team of former Porsche engineers to deliver a world-class fleet vehicle for your organization.


Reduce your Fleet Operating Costs

MyCar’s low MSRP and low operating costs make ownership affordable for every size fleet. Unlike gas-powered vehicles, the MyCar is easy and inexpensive to operate. Based on vehicle usage and electricity rates, recharging the MyCar average $1.40 per charge. The MyCar battery can be charged anywhere via any 110/220 AC volt outlet, using the industry standard J1772 connector.


All of the Amenities your Drivers Need

Your fleet drivers will ride in comfort in the MyCar's a fully enclosed two-seat cabin with many features and amenities, some of which include: